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We are an independent and privately owned CBD company based in San Diego, CA. We started Sunday Scaries because of our undying passion for CBD and all of the benefits that come with it. This product has changed our lives for the better, and we’d like to pass it along so others can feel the same relief that we do. Basically, we are hard-working entrepreneurs who also like to have fun. Whether that means hitting a music festival, grabbing rounds at one of our local bars or simply cruising our beautiful beaches, we are always active and living it up. While we enjoy partying with our friends and living a social lifestyle, the one thing that we simply can’t stand is that acute anxiety we’d get on Sunday mornings after a weekend of debauchery. We hated the way we’d feel after letting loose and we knew there was something wrong with unnecessarily regretting our decisions. The drinker’s remorse, the moral hangover, the booze blues…. the Sunday Scaries would make us dread Mondays and second guess our innate party behavior. Instead of shivering under our covers with three fans going, a half drank Gatorade and our blinds shut, we decided to come up with an easy to eat anti-anxiety CBD gummy. Now we go out and have fun without the fear of dealing with Sunday Scaries. Now we’re ready and confident to dominate the work week. Now the Sunday Scaries aren’t so scary anymore.